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Visual Performance / Sports

Sports Vision
“Keep your eye on the ball!”, “Focus on the finish line!”, “Don't lose sight of the green!” If there's one thing that seems to be a key to success in sports, it's vision. But did you know you can improve your performance by improving some aspects of your vision? It's easy to recognize problems, and even easier to solve them. The following are some aspects of vision which can be enhanced via visual training.

Dynamic Visual Acuity
is your ability to see objects when they are moving fast. This is important in sports like hockey, racquetball, and tennis.

Visual concentration
is your ability to ignore distractions happening around you. Your eyes naturally react to movement in the field or vision from spectators, other participants or the playing environment.

Eye tracking
is following an object with your eyes without much head motion. It is important with any sport that involves a fast-moving ball. Good eye tracking will improve balance and reaction time.

Eye-hand-body coordination
is how your muscles and limbs react to the information gathered by your eyes. It affects timing and body control.

Peripheral vision
is the ability to see what is not directly in front of you, out of the corner of your eye. This allows you to see your teammate to your left or right while focusing on the goal in front of you.

Enhanced contrast
is the ability to more quickly distinguished object of regard. This allows a player to identify spin, location, speed, and orientation of a ball. Other applications include spotting fish or other game in various outdoor environments. Ask your doctor for more information.

Vision therapy

Though some vision problems can be treated using corrective lenses, many require a different kind of treatment. Vision therapy is a series of activities or exercises prescribed and monitored by an optometrist to treat problems with visual skill and processing. After a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor may determine that vision therapy is the best option for treatment.

Vision therapy can effectively treat eye movement’s disorders, inefficient eye teaming, misaligned eyes, poorly developed vision, focusing problems, and other visual information processing disorders. Ask your doctor for more information.

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